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Neon Makeup is Trending-Get all The Deets from Master Makeup Artist Leslie Hernandez

Who doesn't love the neutral makeup looks or the "no makeup makeup" looks. But sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with color.

I spoke with  Leslie Hernandez, Owner of Backstage Makeup Professionals and she gave me some insight and her thoughts on the neon makeup trend.

 Leslie, what are your thoughts on the Neon Makeup Trend that I am seeing all over social media?

For many girls, it may be difficult to change
their eye makeup in neutral colors for shades of electric purple, neon green
and electric blue and so on.

But if you are still thinking about whether or not to try the neon trend that
continues to rage at this time, consider these options.

But remember that
neon makeup is completely ideal and even more so when it comes to a party.

A good option is when you decide to wear a daring neon eye makeup is to
keep the makeup of the rest of the face a little softer and simpler. Do not use
eye shadows so that in this way the focus stays on the e…

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